PPJ 169 Does it exist?


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Continuation from "LNA 402 DOES IT EXIST?"



There is also a C Comet with female rider shown on


Can anyone read the registration number plate?

Maybe PJ 169 ?


Thanks to a helpful Archivist, the number is PPJ 169.

The DVLA gives the following:
Vehicle details
  • Vehicle make VINCENT
  • Date of first registration 26 June 1951
  • Year of manufacture 1951
  • Cylinder capacity (cc) 500cc
  • CO₂Emissions Not available
  • Fuel type PETROL
  • Vehicle status Not taxed
  • Vehicle colour BLACK
  • Vehicle type approval Not available
  • Wheelplan 2 WHEEL

    So it may or may not exist now.

    There are some extra photos on the "stilltimecollection" containing the rider, dogs, a Sunbeam sidecar outfit.
  • Bike 2726 thru 2729

    Bike 2727 Sunbeam S7/S8 Outfit MKO 953

    It would be interesting to know the fate of what looks to be a nice condition Comet [ apart from the sagging rear chain ].


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According to my little black book, the first time I saw this Comet was at the Riders Rally 1981. It was fairly original at the time with little over 14,000 miles showing on the clock. Love the prefabs; I lived the first 14 years of my life in one of those…. happy days.

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