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Popham Megameet 21st August

Vic Youel

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
Don't forget the Popham Megameet in a week's time. Dick Richardson a long time Vincent enthusiast and general manager of the airfield has reserved a 20 square metre show space in a marquee for Vincents.

Free entry on an old bike if you send him an sae quickly.

See http://www.popham-airfield.co.uk/ for contact details.


VOC Machine Registrar

Better still !

Instead of just a paltry 2O metres of Vincent space provided at Megameet; you could enjoy several acres of space at the Hever Rally, provided by the welcoming S. London Section. 19th - 21st August

For directions to Hever see page 16 in August MPH.

Expect the Hever food and beer to be a lot cheaper too!



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VOC Member
Room for both..............

Sadly, though both events are fun (yes, I have been to both) I am unable to make either this year so I wish everyone at Hever and Popham a great weekend.

Hever, the official VOC event for VOC members had a great atmosphere last year (my first), good food, good friends and lots of tasty Vincents to look at. It was a pleasant run over there and back from West London in the company of Paul Packman and Paul Langridge. There was a bring and buy stall with lots of interesting stuff. I saw lots of old friends, and never cease to marvel at Paul Ennis's Shadowised Rapide......soooooooooooo cool.

It's famous in the Vincent family calendar and for VOC members, a must at some time in their Vincenteering career.

Popham Megameet was great fun too. I enjoyed the roads around Popham Airfield and was lucky enough to ride down with good friends who knew the area better than I and showed me the lanes, cross country routes and short cuts - we had a blast.

Of course, whilst not an official event, it is open to the general public.

The autojumble was great last year, the sun was out and I managed to find a new rocker cover to replace the one that had vibrated off my Bonneville.

And Dick Richardson was a superb host, friendly and welcoming with free entry for Classic Bikes arranged in advance.

I wish all the team at Hever great success for another classic rally and all the organisers and general public a super day at Popham dodging the Classic Aeroplanes.

If you are a VOC member you could always do both.............

Now, here is a piece of relevant attention to detail......if you are insured with Equity Red Star via Carole Nash then take great care going to Popham. I have had cause to read the small print on my insurance policy for another reason (more of that later on another thread) - but noted one of the exceptions just last night - you are NOT insured for any incident which occurs on an airfield where there are operating aircraft for what ever purpose you may be there!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if something sad occurs to your bike whilst on Popham Airfield - quick, push it into the lane outside before ringing Carole Nash - ooops, that'd be fraud so you better not do that.

Safe riding to everybody.

Gosh - I'm excited - off to the Manx GP next week.........no Vincent in the garage by the way, it is coming with me........and the family aren't, so they are still here too.
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