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Please Excuse My Ignorance


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Non-VOC Member
It dawned on me today that I am speaking as if every Vincent owner had a fully equipped machine-shop and 40 years worth of speciality jigs and fixtures.
I had forgotten the days when I had to do with a decent tool kit and a Harley hammer. So, I will try to remember what we did back then to keep our babies running.
Thank you for your understanding.


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I have a lathe and a mill which will perform jobs far beyond my capability.
I have used shim steel on my '32 Sunbeam to reclaim the corroded main bearing housing as the originals are no longer available in this universe.
I read all the posts from people with far more engineering skill than I have or ever will have and use anything that I can make sense of to keep my bikes running.
By following what is posted by those like yourself who have fettled more bikes than I have hot dinners I can increase my knowledge and to some extent my own abilities.
I have understood everything that you have posted and look forward to more of the same, and took it as read that not all of us are blessed with the equipment or knowledge that you possess..John

chankly bore

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Dear Rip, I visited the Harley factory in PA with other guys from the V.O.C. and wrote of it; "a place where 21st. century technology meets 1930's design" I enjoy your opinions even though I'm a mechanical tyro. I did, however have the sense to shut up and LISTEN when people like Phil. Irving were talking! Tell me, what distiniguishes a Harley hammer, or is this some arcane Yankee epithet? Cheers and keep it up!

chankly bore

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A local English village vicar was asked to give opinions on Heaven and Hell in light of a 12 month secondment to Brussels. He replied: "Heaven is where the police are English, the mechanics German, the chefs French, the lovers Italian and everything is organised by the Swiss. Hell is where the police are German, the mechanics French, the lovers Swiss, the chefs English and everything is run by the Italians."
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