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Photos of all models of Vincent Motorcycles


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Hi everyone, I have access to the worlds biggest collection of Vincent motorcycles and will soon be photographing all of them for poster prints. I'm interested in finding out if there would be a market for said posters. The collector has every model of Vincent ever made along with several modified bikes, all are in immaculate condition. Any ideas where I might be able to sell these images would be appreciated, Thanks, Vincent Doran


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I'm not sure, I'm just a humble photographer and to be honest I know next to nothing about these bikes, he told me he has every model bike and I have seen most of the collection and it is impressive. The collector might even be a member of the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club , maybe you know of this collection in rural Western Australia?
For memory I think he said he had 35 models does that sound about right, I'll get more info tonight or tomorrow.
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Graham Smith

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I think it highly unlikely he has one of EVERY model ever made.

However, if he has 35 bikes, I imagine it's quite a collection!

Trevor Rowlands

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I had the pleasure of staying with this collecter a few years ago, a very nice chap, he is a member of the VOC.at the time he had 45 vincents including the RTV, maybe has more now,they are all in good nick, he regular shows them and has been over here several times. Regards Trev.


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Member Carl Hungness produced a similar poster a few years ago and the VOCSC may have sold a supply of them.


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It sounds like a great idea to me! Please, a calendar with a large, full picture of the bike and some nice smaller detail photos of the same bike. Our local Vintage bike club has a photographer who seems only to take artsy picts of say, the petrol cap with the sun on it. A total waste of time! I want to learn from the photos about the bike, not different shades of light.
Cheers, John


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great idea.:cool:
I would be interested certainly.
If anyone has a good clear picture of Mighty Mouse I'd love to get a copy. :)
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