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Photo Gallery Slide Show

Vic Youel

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
Morning Graham,

Sorry to bother you but just a small point. I was talking to Stuart the other evening; I commented that it was frustrating to open up each picture to view it and that I couldn't find the ability to make a slide show on the revised site. Mind you I could never get the previous site to work.

I'm sure it is me but I cannot figure out how to make a slide show (having done a search of the gallery) on the site....... can you help please?

Thanks much

Vic :eek:

PS Talking to many colleagues I have become rather disappointed with the vast majority who have mastered the receipt of email (and even sending in some cases) but have never used our web site to access information. I will continue to spread the gospel of course.

Graham Smith

Forum Website Webmaster
VOC Member
VOC Forum Website Administrator
Hi Vic

I hadn't tested slideshows, since updating the site, but I've just tried it, and it works OK.

Just go to photographs, then navigate your way to whichever gallery you're interested in, and go and look at one of the photos in that gallery.

You then need to find the icon that looks like three Polaroid photos on top of each other in red, green and blue. Click on this button and set how long you'd like between photos. I suggest about 4 seconds, but you may want longer depending on your broadband speed.

I have attached an image of the icon, incase you're struggling to find what it looks like.

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