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Photo Help Photo 0071 - Do You Recognise Someone or Something?

Marcus Bowden

VOC Hon. Overseas Representative
VOC Member
F & S put my "D" Comet together (not original of cause) but selling my all matching "C" one for a reasonable price to Colin M I bought the "D" and a prototype Alton starter and fitted it and is ridden almost daily, I glad as Colin is having difficulty starting his. Mine is fitted out with indicators, with hazard and blue lights (still) lithium iron battery and never any hesitation in starting. Heated grips are on but not yet connected as it's summer. Lowered footrest hangers (folding).
Although plenty of engines left in the mezzanine it saved me a lot of time trying to look for "D" stuff like petrol tank, RFM, Seat frame, head lamp, red spot amp meter lifting handle act,ect and it's in use.

IMG_4343 2.jpeg


Forum Website User
VOC Member
Jack Furness and Alf Searle, what a great photo, I went there many times, their establishment was like a little secret only a few of us shared, it seemed that way to me anyway, I don't think I ever saw an advert for their business anywhere, it was a word of mouth business, really nice guys to deal with, so much factory knowledge and skills. I visited there one day to get something done, I can't recall what or when, and they announced it would probably be my last visit there due to their retirement, I said "oh no, you can't, what are us Vincent owners going to do, where are we going to go to get stuff done" they said we can't work forever, we are getting on a bit, we are retiring, totally understandable, but a sad day none the less, I can still see Jack clouting a pair of flywheels with a bloody heavy lead hammer, and shifting the flywheels by just the right amount, you can't really teach that!
It wasn't such a great secret, though. As soon as I saw the photo' I thought "Furness and Searle". And as you can see, I am from the Antipodes.

I visited Ted Davis on a visit to Britain and in talking to him regards exhaust pipes, he recommended that I travel from his place to Walkern, only a short distance and visit F&S. This I did and bought, from them, a set of pipes for my "B" Rap. They fit. I think I'm correct in believing they had the bending jigs ex factory. Anyway a nicer pair of gentlemen one couldn't wish to find.

These pictures have the power to bring back some great memories. Keep it up Graham, and thanks.

Peter Holmes

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
I think that was my point really, everyone knew Ted Davis, he ran an extensive "For Sale" advert in MPH for years, and Ted pointed you in the direction of Jack and Alf for exhaust pipes, as you say, made on the original factory pipe bender, but without Ted giving you the heads up, I doubt you would have discovered them, pre internet, and to the best of my knowledge they did not advertise their business anywhere, they had no need to, you either knew of their existence, or you didn't.

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