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I have noticed, during a moment of idle "surfing", that there is no article on Phil Irving in Wikipedia. There are several mentions of him in other articles but no dedicated page. Why don't we take up the challenge? Anyone can add a piece or even correct any errors. Check out some other biographies to get an idea of how it all works then do it.

Prince Duster

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I had the honour of writing Phil Irving's obit for the Times, shortly after he passed away. I'll try and find and load it, so those with more expertise than me can add more details.

Prosper Keating

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I remember the Times obit. I did one for The Daily Telegraph. The editor of the obituary section was a notorious snob and his initial reaction was: "I don't think we'll be doing anything on an Australian mechanic". I put him right and they ran the obit, along with a very rare period photo of PEI smiling...which they lost.

Wikipedia is a really a bit of a fool's resource. Even if you upload something accurate, some knob can come along and mess it all up. I've had a couple of entire chapters from military accounts I've written put up there by persons unknown and edited by unknowing persons. Still, I suppose Irving ought to be name-checked there.

What amazes me is that nobody has ever made a film about this extraordinary man and his exploits.