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Patrick Godet died on 26 november 2018


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It was Patrick who restored my pre-war Comet Serie A. The project was long and difficult given the scarcity of the machine. Over the years, we have exchanged dozens of emails and we have seen each other often to make choices and make decisions. At the end of the project, we worked two days together on the bike for the latest developments, finishes and details. He worked and I played as the tool carrier. But what a pleasure to be his ephemeral assistant. Not to mention lunchtime lunches for us both to evoke Vincent's world. The experiment was successful and I ordered him a Grey Flash (1980 replica of its manufacture) that will be ready in January 2019. His team tells me that Patrick wanted Godet Motorcycles to go on the adventure. Patrick will survive as well thanks to his very competent collaborators who have been faithful to him for years. But as Daniel Meurine told me, it will never be the same again. Hi the Artist and thank you again for your work.
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