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Panic Button

Graham Smith

Forum Website Webmaster
VOC Member
VOC Forum Website Administrator
For those users not lucky enough to be retired yet and who view the VOC Forum from work, we now have a new feature.

At the top right of your screen, you will see 'Settings'. Click this.

You should now be at the personal settings page.

Click on 'General Settings' in the 'My Settings' tab.

Right at the bottom, switch the Panic Button 'on', and underneath this, make the URL jump set to http://news.bbc.co.uk/ or whatever you like.

Now, you should see a 'Panic Button' on each and every page of the forum, so if your boss (or wife) comes into the room, you'll be taken straight to the website of your choice.

I hope you'll find a use for it!

roy the mechanic

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
If you find this feature useful, you have not found the two most useful words in the English language! the second of which is Off!

John Cone

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Excellant idea, works a treat but i need to get a faster internet speed, it can't beat the time it takes for her in doors to come from the kitchen to the study
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