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Oxfordshire County Council Records Office?


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VOC Member
One of our section members, living in Cornwall, has kit form Comets with two number plates carrying Oxford numbers, but no documents. He wants to put the appropriate number on each bike and to try to retain their original numbers when getting V5s from DVLA. The club are unable to help in identifying the original registrations of any of his bits - the bits are recognised but without any knowledge of their first registration. Although the VOC machine researcher says that Oxford kept their old records our member has failed to find out whom to speak to. His attempts have all ground to a halt with him being directed to Oxford library. Can anyone tell him who to contact for access to old Oxford records?

Ken Tidswell

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01865 792422 is the general phone number for information in Oxford , according to my source they have kept their records, they have a general website also .Ken.


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Its a ood place
I sat at the micro fiche machine with hoards of 'family tree lookers' all around.
Armed with the frame and engine numbers of my 52 Triumph Trophy and the knowledge it came to Leytons of Oxford on 2nd March 1952 (thanks VMCC)I searched.
Every week on the records Kings and Leytons entered a batch of bikes and on the 23rd of march there was my bike and Reg number my involuntary whoop must have lost the 'lookers'' a few granddads.
Warm congratulations to Oxford and a curse upon those councils who allowed their records to be destroyed they are not fit to utter the word heritage let alone be in charge of their counties listed buildings


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Sorted within ten minutes - is this a record?

Many thanks.

No! A record is a black plastic disc with a hole in the middle. Boom Boom.

I said that to an 18 year old a few weeks ago and he looked at me as though I was stupid (quick accurate assessment). He'd never seen a vinyl record.

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