Our Horrible Dependency on Machines


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I use a screw-pull which is ingenious but lacks the tact of a "Butler's thief". Back when I was a lad my father bought me a set of pencils, colouring pencils and erasers that were "sharpened" by unravelling a string thread. Of course I ruined a couple by just pulling the thread all the way to the end but came to use them properly and still have 22 of the 25 colouring pencils.


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Although my corkscrew is smaller, works faster, and takes less effort to operate, I'd love to trade it in for one of those heavy, slow, inefficient ones.

Google Jupiter 1 pencil sharpener to see what is on my mantle thanks to a birthday present a few years ago from my daughters.

Sehr Gut!


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Could it be modified to fill vincent shock absorbers properly
Possibly. But, before you know it there would be articles in 'MPH' detailing "sensible modifications" to the unit (e.g. replacing the bell with an LED readout, adding an electronic tachometer to avoid turning the handle too fast, replacing certain brass parts with carbon fiber to lower the inertia and increase the speed of filling, ...).