Oswaldo: Red Rapide - rim paint scheme


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Howdy Chaps,

At the moment (will join the VOC shortly) still a nonmember skallywag on this forum, so can't respond to your question Oswaldo. Must start a new thread to do so - sorry gents - red with gold lining would appear to be the correct scheme as you can see faint evidence here at my site 1950 Vincent - A Red Rapide Experience - on Big Sid's not yet delivered new Rapide in 1950 on the Indian Motorcycle stand at a local car show.

I rode on a AMCA Lake Tahoe road run 10 or so years ago with an older gent aboard a sport fendered red rapide with this scheme still apparent and though you'll note that that unmolested original paint machine under the reference section of my site no longer retains that paint, the rim centers have the dull unpolished finish that was required to affix this paint with any success.