One Finger Braking


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I know that no one on this forum has this problem with his or her Vincent, but when you hop on that modern bike, limit yourself to no more than two and maybe one finger:
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I had this nearly happen three years ago with Rapide engine #38 fitted into the Special frame. It was a very hot day an a grup of us very returning home from Sasha Montigue's lovely ranch in the foothills of the Rockies(Alberta side)
We were following a long convoy of semi-trailers and RVs, moving at about 20 mph on a 60 mph highway. We were baking in the heat!
Finally there was a downhill straight section to pass in so I wnt for it, thru second to third and just about revved out in third past many vehicles when an oncoming vehicle appeared. There was a nice gap to pull into , but the gap was moving at about twenty mph whereas the Egli and I were going much faster. On with the brakes (GSXR twin disc on front) andinto the space, then the space stopped moving as the RV in front jammed it's brakes on. On even harder with the Egli brakes and feel the rear wheel coming up!! Not a feeling I had ever experienced before, nor want to again, but I was very glad to have all of that braking power at hand.


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I dunno wot all the fuss is abart!

Many, many years ago I was returning from a rough shoot on my Comet with a pal on the back. In those days dual carriageways like the A127 had gaps in the centre reservation and some clown in a car decided to do a “U” turn.:eek:

On a dry concrete surface I had the front tyre, a 3.00 x 20 ribbed Avon, squealing from about 70mph down. The front brake was standard save for a ‘nose bogy green’ lining material. (“Duron”?).

We managed to miss him but I’ll wager that motorist was left with a lasting impression of bikers as my passenger who had just become a father was by now standing on the pillion footrests waving his shotgun at him in righteous fury!

‘Appy days!!!:)


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On my First Egli I ran 132mph on the old Norwich straight at a Bantam club meeting with a time trap next weekend I fitted a top fairing tried to stop at the same mark as previous week (bad mistake!) the Robinson 4 leading shoe came back to the twist grip I ran into the gravel trap still upright and the single back brake drum when 'ping' and cracked right round