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Oil pump castings

Marcus Bowden

VOC Hon. Overseas Representative
VOC Member
Bill my handsome, My next trial will be to make the same for the twin. If I can wear out the B/E already fitted that Conways did in 1999 and it's only done 24 k miles.
One wish Mr Vincent mentioned in his autobiography was that he should of kept the gear oil pump he had in the series "A" as he had to improve oiling on the Picadors also the plain B/E bearings he tried in the early Grey Flashes weren't successful as they only had intermittent oiling but the "A's" had a constant supply and a lot more of it. I've had an "A" Comet basket case since 1967. Bill Parr finally put it together for me but I made a plain floating bush for the B/E like a Royal Enfield. and increased the oil feed by half as much again by making the supply gears 3/16"wide instead 1/8" but while doing it went too deep so ended up inserting a bit of Ali-bronze packing. When we started it a couple of months ago we had oil every where so have made restrictors in rocker supply and fitted a pressure gauge so I can see what pressure is going into the system might even have to fit an adjustable relief valve to regulate it.

P1070092 2.JPG



Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Hi Marcus

Yes. The A oil pump seems to be a better device than the later ones. In my case corrosion and swallowing the odd bit of foreign matter had destroyed the original.

Neal and Rodney built a higher capacity pump but the excess oil and scavenge bubbles caused problems so they had to reduce the flow.

Cheers from sunny frosty Nelson.

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