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Oil filters for Series 'A' Comet 1937


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I would like to know what type of oil filter others use as I have only got a fine mesh in my tank and if there are other filters where could I obtain them please. I have just finished a rebuild and feel I would like a better filter. I also need 2 original front brake cable adjusters in s/s. Does anyone know where I could obtain these please. Hope someone can help, Snowie.


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When I bought my 1938 Comet it came with an external oil filter :) This comprised an electric motor connected to a pump via a pair of sprockets and a short chain. Two pipes (in and out), a spin off car filter and a carry handle finished it off. A bit bulky and quite heavy but every time I go out for a decent ride or when I return from a rally, I just hook it up and run it for about 30 minutes. Not ideal maybe but with the little use this bike gets it is quite adequate.


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Now that I like, lateral thinking
I could not clobber up a bike with extra filters it never had
I only have one bike that needs extra filters and (since I never thought of an external pump and filter system) for that i simply take the recommended oil change mileage and divide by 3


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A Meteor- ex Bob Anderson 2.jpg
Bob Anderson did this to at least two A singles. Not entirely original but very worthwhile. I liked it so much I copied it onto my oversized C Comet, where the starter motor makes access to the standard filter inconvenient.


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Scott Dell ran this remote filter on the A-Twin, not for filtering, but cooling. I use it on the Flash Racer for filtering. The filter I use is a 1032 NAPA filter for those who have access to NAPA stores. It is a no or low resistance filter with no check valves.

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