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I went to a local bike night at Burnham Cricket Club yesterday evening, nice little gathering in the glorious evening sunshine, 2 x Vincents in attendance, neither of them mine as I cycled up on my push bike in a forlorn attempt to stave of total physical decline. One Comet for sale for £18k, but would need a fair bit of money and time lavished on it to make it a nice one, funny thing was the vendor assured me that the bike comes with a form of authenticity from the club, but to my eye nothing met the criteria, a nice Shadowised Rapide that had lost its battery retaining rod and thumbwheel on route to the event. But the bike that really caught my eye was a very original looking NSU Fox, what a loverly little machine, with very clear similarities to the Vincent marque, especially a Comet, could be an offspring when you look at it. I have uploaded some photos if anyone is interested, tagged as Fox.

Simon Dinsdale

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A form of authenticity hints to the "Certificate of Authenticity" that the club used to issue 15+ years ago. In those days it was mostly issued on quoted numbers but then the certificate was changed to a more basic dating certificate and the requirement to provide photos of all the numbers was introduced to fish out the re-stamps and other skullduggery.

When buying a Vincent, even if it has a certificate and especially if it the old type of certificate of Authenticity, don't just rely on it, do your due diligence and contact the machine registrar with all the relevant info. A lot can change in 15 years to a bike and also a VOC certificate is a bit like an MOT certificate. Its only really correct at the point of issue as owners can change things after it has been issued.

Graham Smith

Yes, a really nice looking bike, but definitely not one of the 'Vincent' ones, as they're quite a bit different.