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Now that the Geriatric Comet is back on the road after 35 years absence it's time to turn my attention yto doing the same for the Norvin. Can anyone point me towards an illustrated parts list, or something similar for an early sixties Manx frame and running gear. An exploded drawing of the front forks would be useful if such a thing exists. The engine is fitted as far back in the frame as it will go by engine plates which I got from Hilton Woodrow in 1965. Would anyone in the Norvin section care to comment if this is good for weight distribution and does anyone have any thoughts as to the desirablity of fixing the cylinder heads to the top tubes.

Returning toi the Geriatric Comet, it has a Commando gearbox which is very satisfactory, but about which I know nothing. Is an exploded drawing or illustrated parts list available anywhere?

dave g6xnc

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Commando gear box

I should think that apart from the clutch it would be an almost standard amc box. These were fitted to matchess machines as well as nortons the only difference being the casing having different lugs. Very good box used to be installed for racing in comets being more available than Albions and a lot more robust. Get a haynes manual on a commando, all that will be different will be the diaphram clutch commandos had, if it's got a standard amc clutch you'll have no problems brilliant, they also have a built in shock absorber so yourComet will be super smooth!. Hilton Woodrow used to do some good stuff, contact the norton owners club they will have all the cycle parts data.
dave gs.
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Fixing heads to the top Rails

Be very careful I have seen the results of attaching both heads to the Top Rails without allowing for movement The heat expansion will cause one or both heads to be crushed You have been warned. I have seen several Norvins with the front head steady to frame by a modified plate fixed in the standard Norton position which dosen't seem to cause a problem. Comments from Norvin owners please

Comet Rider

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Expolded drawings

Try contacting Norvil motorcycles, who are very helpfull (but not cheap), as they hold stocks of parts for roadholders, and also lots of comando stuff:D

Tom Gaynor

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Names and what they mean

Hi Tom.
Your Email address anything to do with Marston Sunbeams? John

Nope, the other kind. I have an S7 - have had since 1974. Bought it for £45 intending a rudimentary overhaul and quick sale, for money to buy a cafe racer - a real bike - but fell in love with it. Advance the ignition to where it should be, and it goes like an sohc oversquare twin. Which, oddly, is what it is........ Doesn't handle terribly well though.


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Bought my M9 for £5 as a box of bits in 69 .Sold it as bits and got it back 3 years ago as bits and hope to have it on the road within 12 months.I'm still in the wilderness looking for bits:(.I can't contact a parts supplier for NEW bits like I can for the Comet:).

Vic Youel

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Non-VOC Member
I too have a M9 in fact two plus one in bits....... a real gentleman's motorcycle. I bought the first in 1979......all restored but not yet back on the road.

I may be able to help out with advice and perhaps reluctantly with bits. Suggest you contact me directly.



Peter. C

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I once had two head steadies on my Norvin and over tightened the rear one. About 200 yds up the road there was a loud bang which was found to be one of the a two piece head stud shearing. Now I only run with the front head fixed to frame.

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