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Norvin kickstarter


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Some months back I was looking through some old posts on the forum and found information and photos of a Honda kickstart being converted for use on a Norvin which seemed to solve my problem with having a rearset linkage which didn't hit the kickstart. I duly purchased a suitable kickstart and was in the process of having a modified shaft made to accept the Honda kickstart. I carefully matched it(the kickstart) with the position shown on the previously posted photos and everything looked good, when folded out the kickstart cleared the gearlever, and when folded in it tucked away nicely. I then realised that if used in this position, the kickstart quadrant hits the stop way before reaching the bottom of a normal swing. With any decent force behind it the result would be a busted kickstart cover. The kickstart quadrant only allows about 80 degrees of movement which is obviously why the original kickstart has an L shape to it. Although it was quite some years ago, I wonder how the person who did this modification overcame this problem (or if they did). Meanwhile its back to the drawing board for me (anyone want a good second hand Honda kickstarter?)


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our intention was to mill a square end onto a homemade kickstart shaft(already made) then weld the half inch square drive part of a socket into the end of the Honda kickstart.
I do not own a twin or Norvin.The mod I have seen done to worn twin kickstart levers is to mill out the splines to accept a 12 point socket and mill a hexagon on the shaft to match the socket.You put the socket on the modified shaft,slide the kickstart over it and hold the assembly in the position you want the kickstart to be and tack weld the socket to the kickstart.Take the kickstart back to the bench and permanently weld it up..John


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kickstart modification on Norvins

The reason for using a Honda kickstarter apart from the obvious financial advantage is that the Honda one folds back very neatly out of the way and also when opened will easily clear the gear lever, exhaust pipes etc.. There are a number of ways of getting it to fit the shaft, but all of this is irrelevant to my way of thinking since the ideal position (and only practical position)as seen in the picture in October MPH would surely result in a swing which would crash into the stop midway through the stroke. Most Norvins suffer from high compression (its the nature of the beast) and this results in a starting technique requiring full body weight (120kgs in my case) on the kickstart and according to Newtons equation this results in a helluva force to be brought to an abrupt halt. My query really since people are obviously doing this modification is - how does it work without breaking the case or your leg?
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