Norton / BSA / Vincent !!!

Tnecniv Edipar

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Was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on Saturday and amongst the usual eclectic display of wonderful machines , 2 & 4 wheel , I spotted a BSA rigid framed , Flat tank , Norton Commando engined special with , Girdraulic forks !! It had been built to customer order by some American Custom Bike company. The forks had been finished in that wonderful 'engine turned' decoration , very difficult to achieve on a radius-ed surface ! The frame was a replica of a '20's BSA track frame made with modern high tensile tubing with reinforcement for the engine mountings. It had very low Brooklands type handlebars and a hand change lever on the gearbox ! I would imagine it to be an 'exciting' ride with that torque and power to weight ratio !! Regrettably I have no picture as I had run out of film at that stage and although I intended to return and take some shots when I found some more film I didn't have the time to go back !! :eek:
Apparently it's on the Jay Leno's Garage web site but I can't find it there ! Hopefully someone may be more successful in finding it.