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Its on the cards that a move is afoot (Greg Knight MP East Yorkshire) to remove the MOT requirements for low mileage pre-45 vehicles.
On the face of it that sound great, testing my belt drive Douglas for 100 miles use a year is a joke,however apart from the fact that it doesn't legally have a speedo so I don't know how it could be enforced, before we all (series A owners anyway) go celebrating we should guard against the hidden threat of an annual mileage limitation for historic vehicles without an optional get out clause.
I am sure there is a sizable body of opinion that would like all 10 year old and over vehicles scrapped and all of us in plastic electric golf carts that we cant mend ourselves and automatically logged into the internet to scan our every move (you know it makes sense).
Thank god for the FBHVC

Alan J

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Don't trust the b---s! Exemptions always come with a price! I would rather pay the "going rate " and be able to use my old bikes all the time, not when some unelected official tells me!

roy the mechanic

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personaly i am in favour of all vehichles of any age to be in "roadworthy" condition. most owners of historics i would like to think would readily agree. how many are qualified to know what this entails? not many i would reckon! for myself i quite gladly submit my vin every year to my freindly local m ot man for inspection-even i can overlook a safety item! which may save an embarrasing(potentially expensive) +painful issue.
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