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No iPhone on your bike ?


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VOC Member
New laws in France for bikers, hence massive protesting, over 100,000 bikers!
For pictures look here.
One of the new laws forbids bikers to carry electronic speedcontrol-warning apparatus, including iPhones. All these electronic devices are to be confiscated. Reflecting vest, parking tax, banning from cities, traffic filtering and lane splitting are more 'common'...
One of the new proposals is to mount huge license plates, the 'why' is not clear to me.
So what is next? In 2013 it is forbidden to produce more then 72dB, all bikes most be in the same fluorescend color as the warning vest, you are not allowed to have more then 2 liters of petrol in your tank or luggage, and ignitions, generators, brakes and pistons must be the same as mounted by the factory. Note: not the same sort but actually the ones assembled by the factory when new.
And in case you are not French, you are not allowed to drink Ricard, Absinthe or other funny drinks while visiting rallies.


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Don,t you just love the French ,get off your arses and protest ,Brilliant
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