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New VOC Spares Company Web Shop

The VOC Spares Company Limited

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VOC Member
I sent my information to Bob, who replied that they were putting in a fix "this afternoon, maybe (in UK I suppose)". Figuring it is now evening, I decided to retry registering my id, only to find it has been removed from the VOC Spares web shop system (email not found error). Only choice then was to create a new account with same email which did work for me. Interestingly, this did not require a confirmation from me at my email address, which I suspect would never arrive if it is truly blocked by AT&T - and perhaps order detail emails, invoices, etc. I assume any history carried over from old system will have been lost. Time will tell if this is fixed or problems remain.
Hello John
Unfortunately the history from our old system could not be transferred, but we can still access it if you email us with what you are looking for.
We are working on the email issue (hopefully fixed today). If we delete your email address from your transferred account from our old system you can create a new account without the activation email loop, but you then have two accounts.

Texas John

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Hello Bob,
I put my posts here for the benefit of Steven and perhaps any others who experience this problem. I would not have created a new account except the system said my email was not found when I tried to renew it (it had been found the several attempts before). My new account does not allow me to put in a country; I put my State (Texas) in the County box. I thought I wrote you about this. If there is still a problem with AT&T RBL blocking vendor's emails, has the vendor addressed this by emailing AT&T? Would it be preferable to take this discussion off the forum and back to our emails?