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Dear forum users,

I feel I have to set the record straight regarding allegations quotes, misquotes and even threats, aired on this forum by supposedly Vincent enthusiasts over the past 24 hours regarding our new company Vinco. Myself Chris Daniels and my partner Norman Nuttall feel as though we have been put on trial and found guilty by a number of people who are happy to make judgements on us and our new venture but not really being in possession of the facts and seem to have little caring in the damage that there inaccurate ramblings may result. Only after some fairly strong replies from us were apologies tentatively returned. It has been mentioned that this episode has help clear up any confusion regarding our association with John Mossey, but at what cost I ask, As I have said to Prosper Keating in a PM “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing ” I feel that we have now to a degree put this issue to bed but has made me aware that the general public have never really been informed of the details of the closure of John Mossey Restorations and the connection to Hailwood Restorations.

Well here it is from the engineers mouth, I was employed as an engineer by JMR in November 2007, four days after I joined John Mossey was asked to leave the company by Alan Glibbery a major shareholder and investor in JMR who felt his presence was detrimental to business. The company then moved into a state of limbo while AG looked for a buyer/investor for the company, at this point that a customer named George Abrahams who was having a machine restored threw a lifeline in the way of a cash injection, this money only lasted a short period of time so it was agreed that AG would put the company into administration and was then bought by George Abrahams and his business partner Glenn Kirby, between them they invested a large sum of money buying all the JMR assets from the administration who in turn were to divide this money among the many debtors, To my knowledge nobody received any payments from this fund as the administrators charges totalled, yes you guessed it to the amount that was in the pot,
The new owners then pumped in more cash and excitedly announced they had employed an out of work chef who had been living in Spain to front the company, Hurrah we shouted as Dave Hailwood or as you will know him son of the late great Mike Hailwood was brought in to the company duly changing it’s name to Hailwood Motorcycle Restorations. A short period of well being was enjoyed by all. Me particularly as I had a number of my restorations appear in magazines across the world and enjoyed a number of show wins. Then the owners realised that two full time and one part time engineer could not generate enough income to fund a full time manager a front man, pay the workers and all the overheads, which were huge. One sad thing is that myself and Norman had on more than one occasion warned the owners of what we felt would happen if changes were not made, but our screams were ignored. This brings us to July 09, Dave Hailwood resigns as the wages have not been paid and the engineers are asked to invest there own money in the company, well you can guess what the answer to that was. On the 2nd of July all staff members were told that the company was to cease trading in 24 hours and we would have to claim any money owed to us by HMR from the government so we are in court next month. As it has been mentioned we knew what was happening within the company and took it upon ourselves to contact all the customers and inform them of the situation and offer to remove and store there machines until they were able to collect them. From this our new venture was spawned and will be detailed in print in the November issue of MPH As for the parts that we had for sale at Kempton as I told one inquisitive member of the public, Norman and I bought all the HMR owned Vincent stock when all the company assets were being sold. I know some may see these parts as sh***ed out c**p and have to remind myself that not every Vincent owner has the forethought or technical ability to bring life and use back into these pieces of engineering art, but am happy to report there were many who possessed such skills and were happy to deal with us at the weekend. If there are any people out there that feel we are now connected in any way to John Mossey or Hailwoods please give us a call before discussing with the world.

I would like to thank Graham Smith for his unbiased approach regarding this matter and reinstates my faith in the Vincent fraternity.

If any club member want some pictures of the UFM’s that were at Kempton I will send you some copies, or if you would like to come and visit us you can do the honours and we can discuss our beliefs of why the headstock numbers have been changed by a previous owner.

Kind Regards

Chris Daniels
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