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New SPOT TRACE will keep track of your Vinnie if stolen or "borrowed"

Peter Holmes

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Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
It does not look like a passive device so bluetooth would point the way to its location
In the garage parked up without some clever wiring it would be a case of follow the charging lead...
and unlike a stolen car bikes get put in backs of panel vans a better faraday cage than most places


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I've had an Iridium satellite phone for over a dozen years now. I activate it and use when traveling in less than hospitable locals in extremely under developed countries and one thing I have learned is sat phones don't work when you can't see the horizon, you know valleys, narrow canyons, dense forests, and congested cities. So something that is going to track through satellites is of questionable use. I agree with Vibrac, unless there is an antena outside, inside a vehicle it would be useless, that is why sat phones have a plug in externally mounted antena for use in vehicles.
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