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T: Fuel Tank New Project


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The late Big Sid used something similar with an umbrella type handle that hooked over the top of the spring unit.

peter holmes

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Bill, I have really tried to work this out, but hard as I try I am unable to work out how the bottom bracket of your spring compression tool is anchored to the bottom of the fork blade or spring box, help me understand please.

Bill Thomas

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Morning Peter, Just a bit of angle iron with a slot, The size of the bolt shank,
Undo the bolt a few turns and slide it in.
The top fitting, A thin plate with I think 2 x 1/4" threads, Goes in behind the top spring spring box
The angle iron with 2 small bolts, I wrap it in Gaffa tape, So not to scratch the paint and DON'T do up tight,
Just loose !!.
Or it will DENT the box !!.
Wind the top nut on the long stud, Not a lot !!!, Only needs half a turn ????, Just till pressure is released,
Support the weight under the engine, Remove the top bolt,
If you undo the top bolt a thread or 2, You can tell when there is no pressure by sliding the top box across
in and out a nats.
Then undo the top nut on the long stud till there is no spring pressure.
Remove tool and remove lower spring box bolt.

peter holmes

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Ah, you fooled me by not have the bottom bracket in place for your photograph, just sitting adjacent to the bottom bolt, I couldn't see how it could possibly work, but I do now. What is the black clamp round the fork blade, electronic speedometer sensor?


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Here are four diagrams of a spring removal tool. These diagrams are included with the fitting instructions which are sent out with every JE steering head. The only thing missing is a piece of studding, M10 or M12, about a fiver in stainless steel from your local fixings centre.


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To continue this thread
Hang the box from the top fixing let it hang down. Loop on the rope tighten with your turn key (I use a broom handle funny I have a short one here :rolleyes:), when it looks about right, swing it forwards as it does the box length shortens slightly if not correct, swing back adjust length till a swing gets it in line you may need to release slightly or tighten when in position to align hole, make sure your FF17 is not completely blunt at the start of its thread and screw it in, I use a socket with a nut inside held with plasticene on a short extension the same as I do when fitting front tank bolts the pressure helps...
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Vincent Brake

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Hi Norm.
No i could not get the lower thinggie to work nice.
It was to thin.
But maybe that was with the original springs.

Solid beam of steel it must have been

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