New members still red pariahs

Ken Targett

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How does one get rid of the red ink stigma of not being a member when one is?

brt650 has just posted a message thanking the Club for his welcome pack, has got thanked by Graham S for his post, but is still in red ink.

I was cajoled by Bob C into rejoining the Club in the middle of Feb. I received my glitzy welcome pack in the middle of March and straightaway filled in the stuff on here to get rid of the red ink stigma (on 15-03-2013 at 0959 according to the forum record). But I'm still a red pariah. Can somebody change me to blue please?


Graham Smith

Hi Ken

You should be good to go now. Apologies for the delay - I've been away on holiday.


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I try to treat the red people as equals. I can't bring myself to do it though. It must be awful for them, living with the shame .
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