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new half time pinion


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VOC Member
When fitting a new un-marked half time pinion; on the twin all timing marks are lined up and the back pot put at 4deg BTDC, the half time pinion is the slid on to match keyway. BUT WHAT OF THE COMET:
I can not find similar information, I know that it can be done with clock gauges etc., but whats the easy fix?:)


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There is no real 'quick fix' - just do the job properly with a degree wheel and use the loss of tapet clearance ie. not able to rotate push rod as an indication of valve opening. Use a degree wheel for ignition timing too.
Hope this helps - Cheers David

roy the mechanic

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Passenger 0-0 make you right! so long as the inlet valve is open more than the exhaust at t.d.c you will not be far wrong. provided you are sufficiently skilled to find said t.d.c to start with, if not pay a proffesional! That's what we are there for.

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