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New book on m/c drag racing

Kansas Bad Man

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Non-VOC Member
I took a quick glance at K17 the rag of my VOC section. Some how it wound up in the trash so I have a question. Where can I get the book, and are there any more Vincent drag racers that are mentioned in K17 in the book? It seems that many of the fastest Vincent racers are missing from the book.

To name a few, Brian Chapman, Dave Matson, John Rinwick, Ron Vane , George Brown, The Pegasus machine.

Mag Monster's best, 162.36 mph 9.25 ET


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My favorite is the Michigan Madman E J Potter V8 chevy flat out on its stand then kick it off.......
Gota be good stuff
may not be the fastest but its real theater and honestly thats what drag racing is

Kansas Bad Man

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
When I was running the Mag Monster back in the day, and hadn't quite got a handle on running nitro, the ol girl often was brought home wounded . Nothing to do but watch the AA fuel dragsters light those slicks. I thought if a guy could put a couple of those cylinders off the 392 Chrysler, which was the engine of choice he would have a 1000 hp winner. So I built one and called the bike the Quarter Hemi, my friend in Wichita built the crank and had Eskindaren make the 990 roller cam. Chet thought it was such a good idea he sawed a small block chevy down the middle and called it the OFFI KILLER. Chet has since passed away but his son who is also a friend of mine Jerry Wilson has just recently finished a V4 400 hp chevy , it sports 2 big 2 throat webbers. The bike is quite streetable. Its an E.J. bike that you could go on vacation with. Go to Chet Wilson the Offi Killer and to my web site vincentstreamliner,com you will see what I am talking about.
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