New AVO coil-over for B and C series, plus damper update.


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Thanks for the advice Greg. The problem that I have is that I have supplied over 300 of the JE steering stems now and most of those have an AVO damper. Whenever I go to a rally and see a bike with this mod I aske the rider how they have set up their damper. It seems to be very personal in that some go for about two or three clicks up from the softest to about half way up to the hardest. I also ask the same question to people who have one of my steering damper kits fitted and once again it varies from two or three clicks up from the softest to about half way up to the hardest. Now of course these are all road bikes, not racing, but some of the riders are very experienced and set the bikes up to how they feel it is best. The same applies to the front spring strength. I know that you like to fit my 45 lbs/inch springs to many bikes but when I did that here people found the front ends much too stiff and went back to 36 lbs/inch (twins in all cases). Of course it could be that the dampers are too stiff but at their lowest setting they seem quite soft when moved by hand. Some of the riders have covered many thousands of miles by now and either they have got used to a poor set up or they are satisfactory. At the moment I do not know what the damping is going to be like on the new dampers. I am told that they might be able to make it stiffer than the AVOs at the stiffer end but whether they can make it softer at the lower end I do not know, but I can ask. I have asked to have graphs showing the resistance of these dampers at various settings compared with the AVOs so that might help.
I am very aware of the unsprung weight problem. The weight of the front wheel, forks, headlamp, mudguard stays, Shadow clock etc is all a bit daunting and I like your coil over damper without spring boxes on the front but I am not sure it would suite a heavily loaded touring twin.
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