Narrow straight bars

Tom Gaynor

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As eny fule noe, Vincents have narrow straight bars.

I just had to go measure the width of the Peel fairing on the Manx, and while i was at it, took some other measurements.
Manx across Peel fairing: 66 cm
Manx across grips: probably about 56.
Vincent Shadow across (same) grips: 68 cm.
Rudge Ulster 65 cm (a real surprise, it doesn't feel narrower than the Vin)
Sunbeam S7 73 cm
Ducati Monster 71 cm.

What really surprises me is that the Sunbeam S7 de Luxe, "with comfortable touring bars") is only an inch wider each side than the Vin. It doesn't feel that way. "Wide bars" are only an inch away, not as I would have guessed, 6".
I wonder if the cure (assuming for the moment there's a disease) for weaving enclosed D's is bars an inch wider each side?


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Not too bothered about them being narrow, but you cannot beat straight bars, them Gay bars are definitely a no no, just my opinion I hasten to add.:):):)