My New Rapide - Where Can I get it fixed up?


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My bike's in a bit of a sorry state, who can I get to restore it?

Has any one got any recommendations for a full restoration?


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1st class work.

Hi, I would give Tony Hutchinson a call (# is in MPH) as I know that his work is good.
I would offer to do it but the workshop is full for the rest of the year but if you need any more help then give me a call (you will find my # 2nd to last page in MPH).

Russell Kemp

ray vinmad

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I would always suggest going along to your local club night and asking others opinions.
You will get more information than you will read in publications.



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Rapide Restoration


I would be happy to chat to you about people who can restore your Rapide, (if that's what it needs) and about VOC membership and other associated stuff too.

It may be that your Rapide needs 'fettling' only. In other words, proper setting-up of engine, clutch, gear-change, ignition, charging system, steering & suspension, brakes and so on. A few parts might be required, but having that work done would be much cheaper than a full restoration which would cost many thousands of pounds.

I'm recently retired, so I'm more than happy to spend a couple of hours or so going through your Rapide with you, checking it all all out to determine just what work is required. All free of charge of course - just put it down to VOC camaraderie. And the good news is I live not far from you, 10 miles NE of Bristol City Centre. Give me a call on 01454 228066 if you're interested.

I've been riding and restoring Vincents for 37 years now, so that makes me an "oldie" I guess, but then there's no substitute for experience.... :)

Best Regards, Peter