"My" Black Prince


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In 1961 I bought a Black Prince with Steib chair attatched. I had to sell it in 1963 I think, the female I was going with was into ballroom dancing and couldn't get all her tulle in the sidecar, and was also fed up looking like a drowned rat on arrival at venue. I have often wondered what happened to it, having typed the reg no. into Google many times. This week I got lucky, SXP 677 was sold at auction on 1/3/2007 and fetched 36,00 GBP. The words strong men and crying come to mind. I have e-mailed the auctioneers and said that I am quite willing to have my e-mail address forwarded to the buyer should they want my bit of history about the bike. So far "zilch" Apparently it was the last one off the line, a fact I was not aware of. If anyone out there knows of the purchaser, or has owned the bike in the past and wants some of my memory impaired recollections, I am more than willing to communicate. I do have photographic evidence, ie, me sitting on it outside my then house in Tottenham.