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Must buy

Black Flash

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Honestly, I have not got one now, but when I will hit trouble with the German MOT (TÜV), this little gadget can be very helpfull. German MOT testers don't know nothing about old bikes and even less about Vincents. every little thing that will make a bike look more original and "official" not like a homebuilt special will make your life a lot easier when it comes to road registering your bike.
I bought the same thing for a Matchless (7 quid) and the testers were delighted to find that on my bike, and even more when they saw it was in German language. so as stupid as it may look, it serves a purpose at least over here in bureaucratic Germany.


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In the spirit of International friendship, still lasting from the Rally, this Yank is willing to concede that "creativity" can be found in many parts of the world.:p

I think you can get a "Lightning version" from somewhere in America :)
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