mphs wanted have lots of swaps


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hi folks,
I am the archivist for the New Zealand Vincent Owners Club and have gone through all our MPH's and we're missing a small number. Swapping would be ideal or I could purchase them on behalf of the club and sort that our with them later.
Right now the club would prefer not to sell spares until we've got our own set in order, then I beleive they will be available
looking for.
1954 april july december
1955 july august
1955 february
we have spares over most years let me know if we can do a deal please

graeme staples
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John Cone

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Graeme, i can help you with Feb 79,feb>Dec80 and Fan, Feb,march,April,June,July , Aug,Sept,Nov and Dec 81 If this is ok please send me personal message with your address. these are the ones i'm looking for-

MPH Mags
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Hi All,

Some years ago I set up an exchange library for MPHs. This was reported in MPH and helped several people to complete their collections.
In NZ I dealt a lot with Chris Hay, who may be able to help you out.
While I was running it I still saw frequent adverts in floggers corner wanting to buy or sell copies but the exchange library did not develop great prominence. Perhaps I needed to run a monthly advert in MPH!

There even used to be a classified section of this forum devoted to MPH collectors, but I can’t find it now.

To build my own collection I bought at least three incomplete sets, and eventually passed hundreds of my non-consecutive block of spares to John Kennedy ( UK membership) who now runs this scheme. If you contact him, I’m sure he will add your wants to his lists and maybe put you in touch with someone to exchange with.



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thanks for that, chris hay only contacted me last week with some issues and i thought while i'm at it i'll try and finish the set it would be nice to get it sorted and then get on with other things


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Dec 1954 will soon be on its way.

In the New Members' list in that issue, I see a J Toft with a Rapide, reg no PUB 335. Bickerstaff has a bike with 'PUB', but I don't recall the number. Is this the same bike?

Another new member listed is R Burns from Christchurch, NZ, a familiar name.

Graham Smith


I'm sure you're right in thinking Jacqueline's bike is PUB335.