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MPH Index


Website User
Non-VOC Member
Is there any member who has a full or even part computer index for MPH from No1 to the present? I have many part indexes, "Forty Years on" and "Another ten years", but none of these would form a complete index of all contents. Indexes of the type I envisage have been made on floppy disc for magazines such as "Classic Bike", but I can find no reference to such an index for MPH. There is a wealth of information available to all members who possess back issues but it is just not easily found. Can anyone help?


Active Website User
VOC Member
Google has been transferring books to "search-able" digital text. I have been investigating the possibility of licensing their software and converting all MPH's to file. I should have the proposal ready for this summer, but Google has been slow to respond.
John R
Brooklyn, New York


Website User
Non-VOC Member
I am delighted to say that I have managed to contact a VOC member(I have not published his name in case he does not wish to advertise his virtues)who has forwarded me an index of MPHs compiled in Microsoft Word. I salute his efforts and thank him for his diligence. and willingness to share his results with me. By using the search facility contained in Word, it is possible to instantly retrieve any reference from the over 500 pages of A5 text. As I am lucky enough to own the full set of MPHs this is an invaluable source of information. I am sure your project would be invaluable to the many VOC members who are not lucky enough to own all the MPHs. Best wishes for a successfull result to your efforts.

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