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More euro twaddle


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
There was a short sentence in MPH page 11 BMF bits by John Webber that caught my eye
that the latest type approval from the euro prats includes "restrictions on vehicle modification"
details on HM governments (herein after referred to as the parish council) attitude to the proposals and the proposals themselves make interesting reading
actually our parish councils attitude does not sound too bad but I suppose they can say what they like since like me I think they know that they will not have much sway in what finally is decided
And don't start that "It doesn't apply to me old bike are exempt" line sore thumbs have a habit of getting caught and building that next Egli may not be as easy as the last

Black Flash

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VOC Member
This is really sad news.
I always liked the English way of approaching things regarding cars and motorcycles. Over here in Germany riding a bike with different tire size or even correct ones from a supplier not listed in your vehicle documents means you are running without any insurance! Building an Egli-Vincent today is impossible as whatever engine mod you use it has to fulfill the 2011 exhaust emission laws and so on and so on.
I once saw a self built Trike in England being a 650 cc shaftdrive Honsukawamaha coupled to a Vauxhaul Cavalier solid rear axle with a nice numberplate on the diff housing and guess what, it was roadlegal, taxed and tested!

Those were the days when everybody could built a car/bike using commonsense and the testers also used common sense. Today we are all governed by a nanny state pretending to protect us ( not against cut throat bankers or taxmen though) all "because of Brussels".
I am sure that is because for many years all our governments used to send all their surplus, crap, idiot, imbecile, wan**s there instead of firing them, just for the reason not to loose face.
I am sorry I have to stop now, I can feel my bloodpressure rising when it comes to this topic and it does not do me any good.


roy the mechanic

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VOC Member
Panic not! I've read the proposals, it appears to be (for once) a sensible attempt to unify the e-u regulations on type approval. There is actually a good proposal - manufacturers are to be made to give repair information to the "little guys" or independent repairers. The best bit is none of it is to be made retrospective so it will only apply to new vehichles. the British s v a (single vehichle approval) is to be maintained so those of us skilled(daft) enough to build specials can carry on regardless.


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Oh yes Roy it looks good and as I said the 'parish council' seems to have an elightened view -am I alone in thinking that is so far out of character that either they know that the euro prats will ignore them OR perhaps someone has started to wake up and realise the contribution that small auto engineering can make to a country there is a first time for everything (except getting the euro zone back in the black)



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Non-VOC Member
We MUST MUST MUST listen carefully here to Bernd!!! It is game over for all us bike fiddlers here in the UK if we dont start to kick up a major stink now. I am copying a link here that ultimately leads to a petition that needs signing and has info on MAG's planned protest rides. Perhaps the club could get together on one of these rides, any thoughts? I'm not a natural organiser but don't mind being one here if no one else will.
Read this http://www.mag-uk.org/en/campaignsdetail/a6883 and drop me an e david1joyner@gmail.com with a suggestion to meet on the 25th Sept. I live in Berkhamsted 'bout 40 min out of Lndn (N/W).
Dear lord ---just imagine the consequences of not having a reason to go to the shed....go on think about it!
TV - knitting - admiring one another's beer mat collection?? Ye're getting the idea now.
The Uk is the envy of most countries for freedoms, never met a nuttier lot , and the brilliant repro and autojumble scene. Stuff trickles down my inside leg at the thought that some self perpetuating goonsquad will be change that. Doing nothing will give them carte blanche to b*****r it all up.
Pencil in the 25th Sept 1 PM


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
My 25th is already penciled in I am afraid and if you cant make it there are other ways...
My favorite way of doing something is to pick on a small part of the measure and explain in detail why I object and send it to my MP
lets face it with the showers of s**it that come from Brussels every day a normal MP is never going to be aware of much
but give him a bullet and he may get an oportunity to fire it he may not give a fig about the subject but it makes it look like he really studies all that euro bumf thats how ministers are made
just a thought
do you know who your MP is?
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