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Model Kit


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Good mate of mine has a partially assembled (headstock/RFM)series C metal model kit purchased over twenty years ago complete with box etc and short of testing the market via the dreaded e bay he is wondering what it may be worth.Having no experience with models (of any persuasion) I can offer zero advice.
Regards. Vince.


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Hi Vince! the two main Vin models are the old Matchbox (Relaunched as Revell) Shadow or the white metal Shadow that was available through the voc spares co. (There was also an engine only kit on a stand- I bought 1 for father in law but he was into velos, so it never got built!) you can pick up the Revell kit unopened for £5/6, the cast model will auction for close to £100


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A partially built metal kit (like mine) will sell for a lot less than one that has not been touched. £200 would be close to the mark for a mint untouched kit while £100 to £120 for a complete & partially assembled kit would be close to the mark. Has anyone actually completed a model? What size drill do you use on the hubs to lace the rims? I had 4 heads & 3 carbs in my kit & am missing the transfers.
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Len Matthews

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I was Regalia Stock Controller when the White Metal Black Shadow Kit first came out. There were problems. The sheer weight of it meant very high postal charges, particularly for overseas members. Then it was found that the makers had left some all-important screws out of the box so these had to be forwarded seperately. Then came complaints about poor castings. As we had no stock of spares we had to refer those complaints to the maker. Not a happy time for us. It took a lot of skill to produce to the finished model-far more than the Matchbox/Revell plastic version. Now that the Minichamps model is available you can have a very nice miniature Black Shadow ready-made!
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