Trousers Mo’Cycle To Launch New Airbag Jeans Later This Month


Graham Smith

The Swedish company, Mo’Cycle, is set to launch its first airbag-included products next week via a crowdfunding campaign.

Mo'Cycle, the motorcycle clothing company from Sweden, is set to launch its first airbag products next week.

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They are developed by a team of just six people at the company’s base in Lysekil, Sweden, and their project caught the eye of the EU in 2020, when its Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme gave funding to it. Investment has also come from the Swedish version of Dragons’ Den, where three of the show’s investors chose to throw funding into the project.

Mo’Cycle is the clothing brand for the technology development company which was created by the same person, Moses Shahrivar. That technology company is called Airbag Inside, and their intention is inferable from their name. The jeans that will be released next week will have airbags built into them, designed to work in the same way as a Dainese or Alpinestars airbag that you might find in a full leather suit or biking jacket. But, in those cases, the protection is only for the torso, which is why Airbag Inside have developed the airbag jeans, as well as a jacket with airbags in the sleeves, to provide protection for the limbs. Also in the works at Airbag Inside is a 'parachute jacket' that would use the same kind of inflation technology to slow riders down faster and more safely when they crash.

Mo’Cycle’s Airbag Jeans - which are made from CE approved UHMWPE motorcycle denim will be available from next Tuesday (21 June 2022) on the crowdfunding website, Indiegogo. The campaign, for which 112,000 people are already on the waiting list, will last for 30 days, until 21 July 2022.

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“I am super excited that we are finally ready for launch and can offer a fashionable collection of protective airbag clothes to motorcyclists all over the world,” said Shahrivar. “This means that the motorcycle community has a better alternative to kevlar jeans and can ride even safer.”

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