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miller/vincent STOP lights


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my old lucas 1960s taillamp required a new lense so i thought i'd fit an original vincent 'STOP' lamp.
however when i got it fitted i wasnt that enthralled at the light output.- i dont often ride in the dark but when i do i like to make sure that any following volvo driver has no excuse to take me out from behind -
the main failing with the pattern unit i bought was that it had no reflectors behind the bulbs.
in my stock of 'bits that might come in handy one day' i found a pair of cheap indicators which had good reflectors in them - a bit of trimming and cutting got them into the rear lamp and have transformed the light output - i would say its doubled the intensity of the light output and certainly given it a wider spread of bright light.
Do the original units have a reflector behind the bulbs? - or are they the same at the pattern units?
Anyone know where i can find suitable LED bulbs (+ve earth) to hopefully improve things even more.

Tom Gaynor

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Rear lights - someone else's bright idea

I rode behind someone on the way back from a rally (in daylight) and noticed that his rear end lit up like a Christmas tree (no jokes please) when he braked, despite his having a Miller rear lamp. I was so impressed I 'phoned him later to find out how he did it.
What he had done was 1) realised that LED bulbs are very directional, so hacked a reflector about to fit inside the Miller shell and scatter the light, and 2) stuck an LED strip (bought from Halfords or Autoparts) just aft of the tool tray under the seat as an additional stop light.
There isn't much room on the Miller shell, so I'm still puzzling out how to keep the lens and "grille" in place. However, the reflector business turned a pathetic light into a serious contender for modern lights, so that's the direction I plan to go.
There's probably a technical explanation for the directional effect of LED's, but I've noticed that LED torches (which I use to augment garage lighting) aren't as effective as conventional torches. Anyone know why?
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Hugo Myatt

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Miller Rear Light

The Miller rear light is a very appealing feature on the Vincent but it has a problem that is difficult to overcome whatever you do to it (as do many more recent rear lights on bikes) in that it does not emit any light to the side. i.e. at right angles to the bike. The period Lucas replacement has this desireable feature. Invaluable when waiting on a side road to join a main road.


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i solved the problem with the led units lack of brightness. it is due to leds casting a directional postlight type of light. i purchased a hella truck size lense 1.5 quid, one with a slight curve and hopped on the lathe and turned out a peice to fit. the prisms now pick up the light from the leds and scatter it well. i now have a lite that cosumes ****** all power, wont melt the lense etc and will not fail from vibrations etc

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