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Miller Magneto Advance Cable Abutment?


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VOC Member
1937 Series A Comet. Miller Magneto.
Hi, I would be grateful if someone could advise or provide me with any images of the method used to engage the mechanical advance cable to the Miller magneto. I have attached images of what I have but would just like to be clear on what is missing. I imagine from a service point of view that the nipple on the inner cable should be small enough to pass through the cam ring motion block followed by a method of securing the nipple, before closing it off with the threaded blanking cap. I could attempt in making something suitable but would prefer it to be right. Thanks.


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greg brillus

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I think you will find all of that is correct, the cable and the parts that make up the motion block and the threaded abutment are all in one unit. Make up the cable starting from the mag end, then cut the inner and outer cable lengths to suit the handlebar lever, allowing for full lock to lock travel of the bars.......Then finish the cable at the h/bar lever end.........Set up the threaded adjuster so you have some adjustment. The range of travel for the mag advance will probably be too much for modern fuels, but you can make allowances for that with some simple marks on the h/bar lever.......I've just set one up an a TTR and it has 20 degrees of range which is too much really.......You could mechanically limit this, but again easier to put some marks on the lever.......Set the full retarded position just before TDC and it should be fine. Cheers..........

A Nut

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In reply to Gregg, I've just dismantled mine and it's different to what you have described, The nipple on the mag end of the cable is similar to the ones used on the carb cables in that it is small enough to go through the top nut and the piece that engages with the cam ring. There is a piece missing that slips over the cable to stop it pulling through (it has a slot in the side). I will photograph the pieces in the morning and post them. Both of my Miller mags have this fitting on them.

A Nut

New Website User
VOC Member
Hi there again to 54rap and Greg. Please find attached photos of the Miller advance cable parts.My mind was playing tricks, the soldered nipple is larger than a carb one. It measures 0.3" in length, (0.22 + 0.10") the head is 0.190" in diameter and the shank is 0.116" in diameter. The small split washer is 0.284" in diameter and is 0.095" thick with a 0,130" hole in the middle. All these measurements are as taken and may be a bit worn.


  • Miller magneto 001.JPG
    Miller magneto 001.JPG
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  • Miller magneto 002.JPG
    Miller magneto 002.JPG
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  • Miller magneto 004.JPG
    Miller magneto 004.JPG
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Hi, thank you Greg and "A Nut" for your prompt replies and apologies for not getting on line sooner. The information what you have given me is excellent and just what I had envisaged but was unsure on how it was structured. Best Regards and may well be requesting your advise again in the not too distant future.

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