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Hi Gang,
After much sole searching I have decided to get a pair of mikuni,s for my Vinnie chop project, but I am uncertain what size to go for, It’s close ,as I have it down to 32mm or 34mm, the inlet tracs have been machined out to 32.5mm and gas flowed with a good polish,
I'm going to run twin plug heads with Pazon ignition.
What would you recommend for carb size and why.

Cheers Paul
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david b

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hi i built a norvin this year and had the same problems ie size ...a friend of mine told me to speak to stev at ALLEN,S number is 01949836733 i told him the size of the inlet tract 36mm he told me i need a set of VM 36mm carbs ....i fitted the said carbs and run the bike on a dyno it made 65bhp at the rear wheel ,the only adjustment needed was to drop the main jet size from 240 to 230 .... first cass service