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Membership for my Vincent owning pal in Norway

chris jones

New Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
My pal has a lovely '52 Rapide, doesn't speak a word of English (though his sons do) and as a thank you for his wonderful hospitality recently, I want to pay for a year's VOC membership for him. I've tried and tried, but all avenues are blocked, including online and by hard copy form. Will somebody come to my aid please?

Comet Rider

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
The process is currently changing....
If you wait until next month, the avenues will open and you should be able to join on your friends behalf.;-)

Please contact the overseas membership sec on your friends behalf


chris jones

New Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
Thanks Neil, much appreciated. I'll see if I can find out who the overses membership secretary is but may need to refer back to the Forum. Blimey! I might even save up for a Vinnie myself. I clearly remember drooling over them as a young lad in Ross Motors' window in Hinckley. That was when a clean twin could be bought for £400 - though a terraced house was only maybe five times that, so taken in context, still a lump of cash. The town was a hotbed of Vincent ferver in the sixties. My older cousin John Taylor had a Rapide and went so far as to name his son after the marque. A local painter and decorator whose name escapes me for the moment had a Comet with a flat bed sidecar as his works run-about. Changed days eh?
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