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I am a new member since July and am having difficulty getting into the Clubroom.

It asks for the membership number and , howsoever I try to enter it , it comes up as not recognized.
Please note that my number is an overseas one and it starts with OS , followed by four digits.

I followed the instructions and sent off an e-mail requesting access, in reply to which the system warned me it would need manual entry and would take some time. That was weeks ago.

Any ideas ?

Graham Smith


This forum is the Club 'Clubroom'. I've just checked your settings, and you are already set up as a full user of the forum, and have full access as a full Member of the VOC.

Give me a shout if you have any further problems.


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Technofear !

Oops , Technofear :rolleyes: !

Thanks for the info' , I'll start surfing :) .

Luddites rule OK :cool:

Best regards,
Owen (Ex-pat in France)


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I`m not exactly a new member, but I find I don`t have permission to look at some pages of information.

Graham Smith


That's because you haven't applied to the forum to have your membership upgraded to full access. As far as the forum software realises, you're just 'Joe Bloggs' who has joined the VOC Forum. It doesn't realise you're a VOC Member.

If you read the front page that you have access to, it'll give you full instructions on how to carry this out.

It reads as follows...
PLEASE NOTE: Even though you've registered to use this forum, you still don't have full access to it. Lots of the facilities are hidden, so you won't even know they're there!

If you AREN'T a Member of the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club, you can access the 'Public Access' areas, including the chat rooms, technical and wanted sections. If at any time you'd like to join the VOC (and gain access to Flogger's Corner and the Bikes for Sale section etc), click

If you AREa Member of the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club, and you'd like your access privileges upgraded so you can get to the 'Members Only' area, please follow these simple steps...
1. Log onto your User Control Panel (User CP) – at the top left of the menu bar, just underneath the rear wheel of the Black Shadow;
2. Under Miscellaneous, Click on "Group Memberships";
3. There will be just one User Group available for you to join. Click on the button on the right hand side, followed by "Join Group" at the bottom;
4. On the Join Request page, you will be required to enter your details in the following format: X123 - Mr J Bloggs - 123 High Street, Anytown, Anyshire AB12 3CD.
Please note that this upgrade process is carried out manually, so subsequently may take some time. Please be patient!

If you're struggling to get upgraded, please contact:
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