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Major International Motorcycle Design Exhibition, Brisbane 2020


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Readers of Martyn's excellent 'The Oz Vintage Review' will have seen a letter in the most recent issue with some of what follows.

Some of you know that just over twenty years ago Ultan Guilfoyle and I were co-curators of the record-breaking 'The Art of the Motorcycle' exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. During its time at the Guggenheim museums in New York, Bilbao (Spain), and Las Vegas over 2 million visitors saw the motorcycles we selected, a quarter-million purchased the 432-page catalog, and countless others watched programs about them on television and read about them in upwards of a thousand magazine and newspaper stories.

We are now creating a completely re-imagined look at the past, present, and future of motorcycles with the working title 'Motorcycles: Desire ~ Art ~ Design'. The exhibition will open at the Queensland Art Gallery|Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) in Brisbane on 28 November 2020 as their summer blockbuster and will run through April 25, 2021. QAGOMA is one of Australia's most important visual arts institutions with more than one million visitors annually, 30 percent from interstate and overseas. We also are in initial discussions for the exhibition to travel to other countries following its run in Brisbane.

Getting to the point, there were a number of Australian manufacturers before WWII and we are gathering information on where surviving machines can be found in collections today. Although Google is useful for finding places listed as "museums," private collections often are known by word-of-mouth only. Here is where we hope some of you can help, by providing contact details for people who have Australian-made machines or significant collections of machines. Please respond in a 'Conversation' or via email at the address below.

Please be assured that neither Ultan nor I is a nefarious character[*], and such information won't go any further than us or certain museum personnel (who are trusted by collectors having artworks at their homes valued in the tens of millions of dollars). However, if you're not comfortable giving out names without permission, please forward the information in this post to the appropriate people and ask them to contact us directly. We hope to make email or telephone contact with such collectors as soon as possible since to keep to schedule we need to plan our next trip to Australia in the fairly near future.

Thank you very much!

[*]see attached.



p.s. I posted this in the Vincent-Related chat forum because it has Vincent content, albeit implicit.Biographies.jpg