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I'm preparing my bike for a trip from UK to Malta on my Rapide and yesterday the magneto failed at 80 MPH not far from home.

I have already taken it to be repaired and hope to have it back in time. (something inside the armature came loose). Although I have been offered the loan of a magneto to use or take as a spare I would be worried about having another persons property.
So if you have a spare gathering dust on a shelf let me know and hopefully I can take it on holiday in my saddlebag, then let it gather dust on my shelf.
Thanks in anticipation
Peter Sprot

Since I wrote the above the people who refurbish magnetos for me did a great job and completely refurbished everything much quicker than I expected, giving a hand written one page note of every detail of the work they did. Normally these people take months to do the work so it is nice that they were prepared to respond quickly when I really needed them to. The Mag is now back on the bike which is running great.
They showed me the capacitor they removed, which they said is normally used in Hoover vacuum cleaners. It can't take the temperature.
They use original spec capacitors.
So although it would be nice to have a spare magneto, I'm not panicing any more and thanks again to those who offered to loan me one.
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