Lucas rita ignition -ve earth

olly sanders

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Well at long last i have got my Rapide back on the road with one job remaining - i hope- The charging had given up totally so i have purchased an Alton Alternator and reg which must be -ve earth. My rita ignition is -ve earth. has any one got info how to change its polarity?
I am also going to fit a Paul goff dual output coil to the rita any one got any comments?


Bill Thomas

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Hello Olly,
I don't think it is a problem,John at Mistral was very good to me 02085012161. I have just had a coil breakdown on me, One of those small metal ones and he sold me a single 12v twin output one that has to be mounted on an ally plate, seems ok now.
For Neg' earth remove power feed from black wire and earth the black.
Remove earth link from the coil positive and replace with 12v power feed from Ign' switch.
Don't forget if you spin the engine without the H.T.leads going to earth Max 5mm gap the amplifier can be damaged, My leads fell out of the coil taking it out of the packet, I felt quite sick !
Good luck Bill.