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looking for some rivets


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Non-VOC Member
hi folks, i'm looking for some rivets for my rear damper assembly the complete unit is an FT94 AS, i need some rivets to reassemble the original units and keen to know who may stock them.
they dont appear to be available from the spares company

graeme staples


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I don't know if you have had replies of forum.I had trouble getting rivets long enough so I got some alloy bar about the correct diameter.
First I used assembly compound (loctite 638 or equivalent) to lock the stays into the casting as the new stay was a sliding fit in the casting( I used stainless).Drill for the size of bar that you bought,cut the alloy bar approx 1/4 inch longer than the width of the casting.Put the bar through the hole you drilled and support the back and tap the bar a few times to start it spreading turn over and repeat till the hole in the casting is filled and then file of the excess and polish.
I hope this makes sense..John


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Non-VOC Member
thanks john, it makes perfect sense. currently my goood one has a mushroom head rivet but after seeing three vinnies over the weekend they all pegged and filed off. will get intot the shed today and have a play


stumpy lord

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VOC Member
Hi all,
For various air craft general spares [A.G.S.] and that includes solid rivets of varius dia, lengths, and head types try light aero spares Ltd.
Phone number 01837 658081 aero@eurobell.co.uk.
They allso stock all kinds of usfull things that can be used on old british motor cycles, such as B.S.F. nuts and bolts.
cheers norm.
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