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Liphook and Brooklands - what's going on with the weather!!


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
It's the Liphook Meet on Sunday at the Deer Hut, and Brooklands Motorcycling Event too, so what's with the weather.

Last year Liphook was shorts and t-shirt weather, tonight it's cold, the forecast says it is likely to freeze tonight and not get much better between now and Sunday - uggh.

So it looks like we'll need to be well wrapped up if we head out on the bikes!

Safe trip to all.

Stafford Show.

Just took a look outside and it is snowing. Not going to Liphook but will be at Stafford next weekend on both days as I am camping. If anyone wants to meet up for a chat/drink then let me know, better still ring with your parts order and I will bring it to the show.


Tracey Tilley

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Liphook and Stafford

We are definitely going to Stafford on the Sunday, 1st time in quite a few years.Taking a mate who has just bought his first classic bike a 1950 something A10.
Russ,will you have a stand there?

We also intend to get to Liphook but it does look like a wet day here in Wales.Hampshire apparently will have some sun.:)

Comet Rider

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member

Hi Russ,
See you Saturday, around lunchtime for a drink or two. Say 1ish near the Vincent stand, offers open to John and Pete as well.

Neil & the Cambridge Mafia:D

Graham Smith

VOC Hon. Editor
VOC Member
VOC Forum Administrator
VOC Forum Moderator
Having spent the day sunbathing in Sunny Kent this afternoon, I wondered if many people were planning on visiting Liphook tomorrow, and what we might expect weather-wise?


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
I'm keen to get out on the Vincent....

Hi Graham,
I've been looking forward to going for months - that and All Fools are the first couple of outings of the year.

I missed All Fools - didn't fancy the snow and I got absolutely drenched riding to Ace Cafe for the British Classic Day last Sunday. It has rained all day long here at the South end of Buckinghamshire today - and cold too, never really above 8 degrees.

I'm desperately keen to get out and go tomorrow - but the cold and rain make the prospect pretty unpleasant.

I may put an anorak on, get in the metal box and head for Brooklands.......

Roll on some decent weather.

Are you planning on riding down to Liphook?



Tracey Tilley

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Soft Southerners?

We will be there, whatever the weather.( barring disasters & punctures)

Oi, Stuart the bike is waterproof,go for it! :) Ever heard of Goretex?

Just think about the organiser, he has to turn up whatever the weather.
Been there & got the T shirt.

See you tomorrow!:)

Tracey Tilley

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Great Day

Well, we're home.311 miles on the clock.

The weather was fantastic, dry ,sunny and warm at Liphook. A bit foggy as we left Wales this morning but no rain at all.:)

A great run, past Bath and Stonehenge on the way down and back through Devizes and Melksham.
The only problem we had was the volume on the Garmin GPS is too quiet so navigation was by luck most of the time.

So Stafford show next weekend and the Severn Rally the weekend after that. I love springtime!


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Brooklands simply superb....

Evening all,

Well, it started cold and damp and before everyone else tells the Forum - I wimped out from riding today!! It looked like serious rain but it didn't come. Peter Bromberg managed nearly 200 miles each way and put me to shame.

I took the metal box (sorry) to Brooklands for the Centenary Motorcycle Day - what a superb event, loads of superb ex-racing machines being given a blast including 3 HRD's. Vincent Owners put on an unofficial display and there were 20 or so Vincents there I guess, a Meteor and Series A Rapide through Sprinting Comet, Parkin Comet, Viscount to Comet's, B and C Rapides and Shadow's. Velocette Owners had their club stand next door and the VMCC had a big stand too. Indian Owners were opposite and there were one or two other single make clubs represented.

Highlight of the day for me was watching J. Young on a 500 Jap (ex Speedway engine) riding "Test Hill" so enthusiastically he had both wheels off the ground big time when he crested the top of the hill.

Around lunch time the sun managed to burn through and then it was a very pleasant t-shirt afternoon with several VOC members saying it was the most interesting event they had ever attended.

Thanks to Eric and Vic for hospitality and friendship - very well done at short notice when Brooklands asked you to help out.

Brooklands management were apparently very pleased with the day, even considering it as an annual event.

Loads of super photo's to upload, will wait to organise a Brooklands section for them.

I'm really glad Liphook went well too and was blessed with good weather.



Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member

Hi all. We went to Liphook on the shadow outfit. Day started overcast and it was misty, but the sun came out while we were there and made it very pleasant. There was a good turn out with loads of Vincents. A good day, ride No.18 this year.:D

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