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Lightning Pipes


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Hi John, just spotted this Harley advert on e-bay (sorry!!!), part of the text is:

"thank you for looking at my auction. this chopper has just being finished this week, it is a 1981 model, so no indicators or baffles needed, it has a harley 1340 evo engine"

So do you need baffles or is this guy wrong? no doubt somone will enlighten us.



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Interesting thing is that as the Lightning is a historic vehicle,passing the mot on the level of exhaust noise depends on whether the person doing the mot deems the noise to be unacceptable.So keeps the revs down,I'm pretty sure that my Comet shouldn't pass,but it does every year.I think the tester finds the exhaust 'fruity':D


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There are some mutes listed on this site
I have seen 2 Lightnings on the road.One is a replica and is in our section.I can't say that the exhaust is particularly noisy..John.

I posted this link and I think because the starred section refers to a male chicken the link will not work,how infuriating!!!!.Big brother rules ok
Also try Ebay search/ Exhaust baffle..I found some that are 38mm and 42mm
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