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lifter cams-stellite blobs?


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Hi All, Pawing at my lifter cams,still fitted with their peened in rollers,one is loose, the other probably not much better.I am not filled with confidence that said rollers will not liberate themselves and gleefully dive into the spinning timing gears as soon as i start the motor post rebuild..... I would sleep better if they were removed and stellite weld applied instead.Who does this service? Any recommendations please, cheers, Bob


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I think the big issue is the cam follower itself. Gary Robinson stopped doing used cam followers because owners were sending him worn out followers. I think if you send him new followers he will stellite them. Others on the Forum may know for sure.


Robert Watson

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I was just fitting up cams and followers into the 100 bike Rapide and blueing the followers to see how they were wiping on the cams. The front exhaust missed all the base circle on the cam. Hmmmmmmmmm says I. I see the issue. even in it's welll relaxed position the lifter body was fouling the follower, never mind when the lifter was engaged. Took a little judicious grinding with the dremel to make sure all was clear. I wonder how many foul like this and get put together without a look???

The little rollers seemd to be firmly in place so were left in peace, or is that "one piece"?

The 100 Bike Rapide -- becuase I think that is the minmum nimber of bikes that have donated parts to its construction!

Big Sid

If you turn up a pair of spacers the diameter of the cam base circle , these replacing the cams on the spindles it's much easier to measure the gap spacing between follower and little roller . Adjust the pull rod to give 12 to 14 thou . gap in the relaxed position . Sid .

greg brillus

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VOC Member
On the early engines you need to be careful with using higher lift cams, as i have found the followers touch the crankcase at the very tip of the follower behind the socket where the pushrod goes in. Also the extra travel of the cam/rockers causes the tappet adjusters to "Bottom out" inside the shallower HRD insection caps. Often I've had to cut off the hex end and cut a screw driver slot to allow tappet adjustment....may sound barbarick but can be done quite neatly. Failing to 'Fix" this issue may result in mangled inspection caps, and could also cause damage to the tip of the cam lobes due to overloading. Are owners of earlier machines with "HRD" inspection caps aware that they are shallower than the later "Vincent" type caps........Cheers........Greg.

Bill Thomas

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VOC Member
Good Info' Greg, But I have had the same with later caps, Done the same as you, Ground off the Hex' and put flats on the ends to take a spanner, The cut of the valve seat, How long the pushrod, Lots of things can alter how high the adjuster goes, Cheers Bill.
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